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The number one Tour Operator in Tanzania

The number one Tour Operator in Tanzania

The number one Tour Operator in Tanzania

The Mount Kilimanjaro Group Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, often referred to as the Roof of Africa. Climbing it successfully is on the bucket list of many an adventurer. The trek offers a wilderness experience, wonderful views, challenges, and, should you reach the top, loads of bragging rights. 

The only downside for enthusiastic climbers is the cost associated with the climb. Zara Tanzania Adventures wants to help make your dream a reality without a price tag standing in the way. While private climbs can get costly, group climbs provide money-saving climbers with a cost-effective option.

Trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group is a great way to complete your summiting mission, meet some new friends, and take in all the sensations you’d get with a private climb. 

This article will tell you the best reasons to enlist in a Mt. Kilimanjaro group climb. 

5 Reasons to Join a Mt. Kilimanjaro Group Climb

  • Freedom to choose your group climb

With Zara Tanzania Adventures, you have the freedom to choose any group and dates that suit your travel schedule and budget. Flexibility helps ensure you get to climb within groups that have the same goals and requirements as you do. 


  • Networking and meeting new adventurers

You get to network, connect, and make friends from all over the world by joining our mountain group climbs. Some climbers describe the friendship they form with others during the group climb as one of the most rewarding aspects of their Kilimanjaro experience.


  • Save money

Joining a group climb means you can reduce the cost of your trip, saving you a lot of money. Climbing in a group means you share some resources, which minimizes the costs. Group climbs are the best way to go when you have a budget to adhere to. 

  • Motivation 

Climbing in a group boosts your motivation to reach the peak, introducing a layer of teamwork that inspires all of you to obtain your summiting goals. 

  • Guaranteed safety and well-being 

When you work with our Mount Kilimanjaro group climbing team, your safety and well-being are our top priority. Each group is entrusted with professional tour guides and porters to assist you throughout your trekking experience. 

Zara Tours Group Climbs to Reach the Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Zara’s group climbs feature the best routes to Mt. Kilimanjaro, including the Lemosho, Marangu, Rongai, and Machame routes. In most cases, there are anywhere from four to 12 persons in one group; however, this depends on the route chosen, time of year, and other conditions.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with your own group, group-guided climbs of Kilimanjaro allow you to experience your summit with like-minded, enthusiastic travelers from across the world. 

If you’re ready to take the climb of your life with encouraging new trekkers and save some money while you do it, contact us today. Let’s get your group climb booked.