As strong advocate of sustainable tourism development in Tanzania. We engage in responsible travel and sustainable tourism initiatives including community outreach projects as well as environmental conservation projects in collaboration with Zara Charity to promote sustainability practices by maximizing positive impacts and minimizing negative impacts of tourism in targeted destination.

Thus, by booking your once-in-lifetime trip with Zara Tanzania Adventure you not only get the best possible adventure experience but also be part of greater cause to promote sustainable tourism that contribute to local community economic development and environmental conservation. Furthermore we aspire to influence our partners to get involved in responsible tourism practices and thus promote sustainable tourism.


Our Vision is to become African’s best tour operator, by providing exceptional, unforgettable, safe, sustainable and high quality tour services.


Our mission is to provide quality sustainable tour services and support the global movement of sustainable tourism by ensuring local community development and environmental sustainability. We aim at minimizing negative impacts of climatic change and being an active contributor to our local community economic development as well as environmental conservation and sustainability.


In an effort to practice and promote sustainable tourism, the company has formulated a Sustainability policy that is going to guide all our operations.

The policy has been divided into 11 themes that cover the company’s operations and

relationships with clients and partners. Each theme presents principles and practical

actions accordingly. You can see and Download our full Sustainability Policy by Clicking here 

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability please contact :