Zara Properties

The year 2000 was the start of ZARA’S involvement in the hospitality industry. The first property was Springlands Hotel in Moshi; the Hotel is serving as the base for Kilimanjaro treks and safari adventures. Not shortly afterward, the Serengeti and Ikoma Wild Camp had been added, offering safari travelers the perfect bush experience at two of Tanzania’s most classic safari hotspots.

The Fourth is Highview Hotel opened in 2006, airly located on a hillside facing the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This hotel has been recognized for excellent service and dedicated staff by Tripadvisor and was offered a badge.

ZARA’s Latest expansion is the Ngorongoro WildcampSerengeti Wildebeest Camp,  Highview Coffee Lodge, and Serengeti Safari Lodge located in the most remarkable natural wonder in all of Africa and the World Heritage sites. Provides guests with comfortable and unforgettable first-hand experiences of the wildlife, landscapes, natural wonders, and the exciting atmosphere of one of Tanzania’s most famous National Parks.

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