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Michael Kamili Mzage

My name is Michael Kamili Mzage, ( Mike Benja) I am 40 years old. I am a mountain guide, guiding climbers to Mount Kilimanjaro and mount Meru. Climbing mountains is..

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Fredrick Shayo

My name is Fredrick Thadey Shayo I am Tanzanian I am 38 years old I am married and have three children! One daughter and two sons. I worked with Zara..

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Maisha kasukulu

My name is Maisha kasukulu Francis the mountain guide. I have been climbing mountain for 8 years; 2 years as porter, 4years as Assistant guide and 4 years as Chief..

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Filbert Samba

My name is Filbert Samba.i was born in 1988 . I have been working with Zara tours for 12 years. I am a full route guide for Kilimanjaro & Meru.i..

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Mohamed Abdallah

My name Mohamed Abdallah (madeal) Born in Moshi Kilimanjaro  Finished form 6 education in 95 Have gone to tropical college in Arusha for 1 year Speaking Spanish fluently  Studying for..

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Faustine Bura

1.My Name is Faustine T Bura. I’m married I got two Children I have 37years old. 2.I’m Tanzanian by Nationality. 3.Activity – I started as a porter 2007 until 2009..

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Regan Kimario

My name is Regan Kimario, I was born in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I am working as a mountain Guide and Safari’s translator at Zara Tanzania Adventures, I have been working..

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Zamoyoni Mage

My name is Zamoyoni Mage, I have 13 years of experience working in tourism with ZARA INTERNATINAL TANZANIA ADVENTURE as English speaking safari guide. I am also a Personal Trainer..

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Salim Zimbwe

1) 10 years at work as a guide 2)I am a mountain guide 3)I speak Swahili and English language 4)my license number is kg1257 5)I am a good and young..

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Louis Richard

Hello. My name is Louis Richard. I’m a profession safari tour guide working at ZARA TANZANIA ADVENTURE with experience of 13 years. I speak the fluently English language.  

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