Equipment Rental

Rucksack/Daypack  $12
Mont bell Sleeping Bag (–25C-35C.Temp)$40
Ponchour – Heavy/Western/Europe$18
Duffel Bag$6
Hiking Poles (2)$12
Rain Pants$12
Hiking Boots$9
Water Bottle$5
Warm Jacket/Down Jacket$8

Prices are for the entire trek in U.S. dollars, payable in cash in Moshi. It is best to come well outfitted. Rates Updated on 11th September 2019.

• We provide tents and foam sleeping pads at no charge
• Sunglasses are available for purchase in the gift shop for $12-$15

• Water bottle available for purchase in the gift shop for $8

• Torch / Flashlight available for purchase in the gift shop for $15
• Each Oxygen Cylinder – available for $ 12/ Day / @ group of 4 pax

• Hyperbaric Pressure Bag (Gamow Bag): $130 per group

  • Toilet tent available for $100 per group
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