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Zara Tours Scooped the Best Mountain Tourism Award in the 2020 International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA)

MOUNT Kilimanjaro, Africa's rooftop, has once again emerged as a special attraction in China and Asia. It is in Guyang in China where Tanzania's tour operator, Zara Tours, scooped the..
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Nyerere Golden Award Best Women Achievers in 2015

The Mwl. Nyerere Golden Award on Science and Technology Achievements” or “Nyerere Golden Award” has announced NYERERE GOLDEN AWARD BEST WOMEN ACHIEVERS IN 2015. The 5 best women were selected..

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Zara Tanzania Adventures Recognized as Best Tour Company of the Year

The Director of Zara Tanzania Adventures receive Prize (November 25, 2014, at Lake manyara National Park Tanzania) Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu, Tanzania’s Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism joined by Mr...
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Zara Tours & Zara Adventures Awarded Best Tour Operator – First Prize

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