Basic Camping

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Basic camping

For a rustic experience, you can stay at a basic campsite. Basic camping safaris use medium sized (almost standing height inside) canvas tents with mosquito netting and sleeping bags.

Campgrounds have buildings with flush toilets and hot showers. In many cases they have an open restaurant building where you dine and where there is sometimes evening entertainment. Often drinks are sold or even souvenirs. On walking safaris however, some campsites have limited facilities and bottled water must be purchased beforehand.


The Zara Ikoma Gorge Campsite

Ikoma Gorge Campsite Ikoma Gorge Camp Club houses at Ikoma Gorge Camp Sanitary installations

The Zara Ikoma Gorge Campsite is located between Grumeti and the Ikorongo Game Reserve, on the plains of the savannah just outside the Serengeti National Park. It has sanitary installations (showers and restrooms, separate for male and female), two clubhouses where breakfast and meals are served, and a small bar. It is located approximately 1 km away from our standard category Ikoma Wildcamp.

Other basic campsites we use:

* Tarangire: Kamakia or Kigongoni campsite
* Lake Manyara: Twiga or Jambo campsite
* Ngorongoro Crater: Simba or Kudu campsite
* Ngorongoro Highlands: Balati campsite
* Lake Natron: Kamakia campsite
* Lake Eyasi: Lake Eyasi campsite

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