Masai Pre School. (Ngorongoro conservation area-Arusha)

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Masai Pre School. (Ngorongoro conservation area-Arusha):
It’s well recognized that early education opportunities, such as pre-school, contribute to educational development and enhance school achievement later. If Masai children get pre-school opportunities where they can learn some Swahili, gain exposure to a classroom environment, and learn basic skills, they’ll be better prepared for Primary School, their families will be more supportive of formal education, and the children will stay in school longer and do better.

Our dream project for now is Masai Pre School, the aims is to rising the necessary funding to construct a pre-school, and increase the ongoing Zara Tanzania Charity and their partner programs, to purpose built premises from where we will be able to assist more children by offering additional skills through training. This new pre-school will make a durable change to the lives of many children who are trapped by present circumstances and will be a sustainable long-term project.

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